What Is A Bio-Polymer Matrix And How Does It Work?

If you’ve followed along with our past blogs about The Super Lift Concentrated Vitamin C-More Serum, you’ll know this product is one of a kind (and if you haven’t, you can catch up here). The Super Lift formulation has three shelf-stable bio available Vitamin Cs, additional brightening agents, and most uniquely a host of tightening agents that lift and firm the skin upon contact. How is this possible, you ask? These innovative ingredients create a bio-polymer matrix on the skin to give you a temporary and immediate lift. If you glazed over the phrase ‘bio-polymer matrix’, this blog is for you. Read on to learn what exactly a bio-polymer matrix is, how it works and why it’s so dang cool! 

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What exactly is a bio-polymer matrix, though?

Let’s start with some basics. A polymer is a “large molecule made of smaller, repeating molecules that are chained together.” A biopolymer is very similar except instead of being synthetically derived, it is naturally produced. Some examples of biopolymers are proteins, carbohydrates, DNA, RNA, lipids, peptides, etc.

A bio-polymer matrix in skincare creates a breathable, lightweight “second skin” that protects against allergens and pollutants. It also adheres to the skin in a way that temporarily tightens and lifts upon contact, creating a smoother, more lifted complexion with less visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Common problems

Tightening agents in skincare are notoriously known for being difficult to work with on the chemist’s side, and uncomfortable to use on the consumer’s side. Many are overly drying and firming to the point of discomfort, and if you try to mitigate that discomfort by layering your favorite moisturizer or sunscreen on top of it, you you’ll be met with pilling instead of a soothed complexion.

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Tightening Agents In The Super Lift Vitamin C-More Treatment

The Super Lift Vitamin C-More Treatment uses two of the best scientific advancements in tightening ingredients - each of which are a biopolymer matrix of two ingredients. These innovative ingredients are Orange Blossom & Pomegranate Peptides and Red Algae & Quechua. While these ingredients primarily act in the short-term to create an immediate, visible lift in the skin, they also impart long-term lifting benefits that you will begin to see as you continue to use the Super Lift daily.

Orange Blossom & Pomegranate Peptides

Orange Blossom & Pomegranate Peptides are an interlaced bio-polymer network that help visibly lift, firm and revitalize the skin.  In a study conducted by the lab creating this product, this ingredient was shown to have an increase in collagen synthesis by 157.1%, an increase in cell revitalization after UV damage by 42.7%, decrease in wrinkle length by 39%, decrease in wrinkle depth by 15%, decrease in the number of wrinkles by 22%, and decrease in the surface area of wrinkles by 29%.

Red Algae & Quechua                                            

Red Algae & Quechua are another network of bio-polymers that protect the skin from harmful elements by acting as a “second-skin.” It adds temporary lift and firmness upon contact, but the most exciting fact about this ingredient is that it works as a makeup primer. A clinical study conducted by the lab creating this product found that applying this product under makeup led to the foundation lasting 6+ hours longer. 

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