Our chia seeds originate from select regions five to ten degrees north or south of the equator, where the best quality, most nutrient-dense chia seeds are grown. We’re meticulous about the growers we work with, securing the highest quality chia seeds and supporting the growers who grow them is of primary importance to us.

Getting the organic certification can be highly cost-prohibitive for many of the smaller growers we work with. Therefore, we made the conscious decision to work with the growers and not the companies issuing what can be costly certifications. Having said that, we know that by its very nature chia is an extremely hearty plant and our growers do not use pesticides. As an added step, we take the extra quality assurance measure to screen for pesticides ourselves.

We are cruelty-free. Maya Chia does not conduct product tests of any kind on animals. In fact, we are Leaping-Bunny certified!

The vast majority of our products are vegan-friendly and therefore do not contain any animal ingredients or by-products. There are exceptions to this, however - as some of our products contain beeswax for example. Please check with customer service at for an up-to-date list or peruse the ingredient list on every product page of the site for more information.

We recommend using most of our products 18 months after opening.

The best indication of when to use the product by is the PAO (Period After Opening) symbol at the bottom of every package. Locate the makeup jar icon printed on the bottom of the box. This will indicate how long your product will stay fresh after opening. Usually, it will be formatted like this – “18M” – which means “18 months."

For best results, please store all of our products in a relatively cool, dark place removed from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. The exception to this rule is the cleansing oil, which may be kept in your bathroom.

The sticker you see on the bottom of the box is not the expiration date but rather the batch number and production date. We use this as a form of record keeping, in order to track what products came from which batch.

All of our products are made fresh and in-house. To find the shelf life of your product, locate the makeup jar icon printed on the bottom of the box. This will indicate how long your product will stay fresh after opening. Usually, it will be formatted like this – “18M” – which means “18 months.”

Our products are gentle and effective for all skin types. However, we recommend pregnant and breastfeeding mamas check with their physician and decide for themselves before altering their skincare routine.

We do not recommend women who are pregnant or breastfeeding use the Straight A as it contains retinol as part of the formulation.

As well, there is a divergence of opinion on certain types of essential oils, so we always recommend checking with a physician you are comfortable with when making this determination.

What is the difference between The Supercritical Oil, The Super Couple, and The Super Naked?

The difference between the three face oils are as follows:

The Supercritical Oil is a streamlined, pared back formulation of supercritical Chia and a 2% essential oil citrus blend.

The Super Couple is turbocharged with active ingredients to combat the signs of aging – with high performance ingredients such as Astaxanthin – as well as a synergistic blend of 12 other active botanicals, such as Frankincense, Myrrh, Absolute Jasmine, Cistus, Absolute Rose among others. All essential oils are in the proper dilution and of the highest grade.

The Super Naked Face Oil is a different formulation, one that does not have any essential oils contained therein. It has Plum, Chia, Squalane and Astaxanthin. It is very lightweight and intended for the most sensitive skin.

Will your face oils (and The Super Blend Serum) work for acne-prone skin?

Our face oils and pressed serum are chock full of soothing ingredients. The chia oil base contains Vitamin B3 and Zinc, which is excellent for calming inflammation associated with acne-prone skin and soothing redness. That said, with any product, it is important to test a patch of skin to see how your skin will react. Everyone’s skin is unique.

How would you suggest applying a face oil or serum?

We suggest first applying a facial mist to sandwich in hydration before applying the moisturizing face oil. Then, we advise applying approximately one dropper of oil for your entire face.

Place the oil in the palm of your hands and press them together to warm the oil slightly. Then press your hands to your face and massage into your skin. You can also use The Power Tool Gua Sha to ensure even distribution while enjoying a calming face massage. Easy as can be.

How do I replace / install my ARC refill pod?

We’ve added a how-to video in our photo gallery on the product page which may help. Please see the link here.

However, some things to watch out for:

If the refill doesn’t fit, check to be sure the original liner pod has been removed. If it is still inside, the replacement pod will not fit. The bottom of the jar should be black with no clear piece at the bottom.

At the bottom of every pod is a white piece. To remove the old pod, take your fingernail or the back of a utensil and run across the border of the jar. In doing so, you should be able to see where the liner and jar separate. Once you remove the old pod, the refill pod will slide right in.

My pump is not working – is this normal?

The Advanced Response Complex is packaged using airless pump technology – which means that this system uses a vacuum to dispense the product. We went with a vacuum system in order to keep the product from being exposed to contaminants, therefore maintaining freshness and stability until it hits your skin. The way this system works is – there is a plate at the bottom of the jar, which pushes the product toward the top. This plate sometimes can become stuck and may require “priming” before using it for the first time.

 If your pump is not working, try these easy steps:

  • Tap the bottom of the jar on a flat surface 3-4 times to loosen the plate.
  • Turn the product upside down and slowly pump the dispenser 15-20 times
  • If the product starts pumping, you can use it right side up as normal. If this does not work or if the product stops dispensing, repeat the above steps 2-3 times.

Please let us know if you have any remaining issues with the pump, and we will be happy to help!

What are the benefits of using The Eye Achiever?

The Eye Achiever multi-correctional serum Is a nutrient-dense formulation that deploys a combination of shelf-stable Vitamin C, Natural Astaxanthin, and five different marine extracts to brighten the skin and target areas of hyperpigmentation.

For additional depuffing benefits, place The Eye Achiever in the fridge to impart a cooling effect when applied to the face.

Does The Great Cleanse oil remove eye makeup & mascara?

The Great Cleanse is effective, yet gentle, and removes makeup thoroughly. It will leave your skin pH-balanced but never stripped. Although waterproof mascara can be stubborn, The Great Cleanse will remove waterproof mascara with a couple of passes.

How do I use The Great Cleanse?

Simply apply to your face and neck, add water and work into the skin in circular motions. Rinse and pat dry.

What color of The Highlight of The Day is right for me?

All colors should work for most skin tones, so it's really up to you!

The Highlight of the Day is available in four stunning shades:

  • Happy Hour - a cool toned pink radiance
  • Afternoon Delight - a peachy-golden glow
  • Golden Hour - a champagne gold sheen
  • After Hours - a warm golden bronze

Where / how do people wear The Highlight of the Day?

Although this is totally up to your personal preference, many people use The Highlight of the Day on their cheekbones, brow bones (just under the eyebrow), nose, and collarbones.

Why does my Highlight of the Day appear oily and clumpy?

This is an easy fix - all you have to do is shake the bottle (like you're mad at it!) - this should mix up the Mica and dissolve the clumps. We do not use chemicals to assist in the distribution of our Mica. As the bottle sits, the Mica may slowly settle to the bottom - so it's super important to shake each time before use to experience optimal results!

How do I fix the dropper on my Highlight of the Day that appears to be clogged?

This is an easy fix – all you have to do is place the dropper in alcohol which should flush out the pigment. Also, remember that after using please ensure the product is flushed out from the dropper when returning it back into the bottle.

Quick Tip: It is also helpful to empty the pipette before placing back into the bottle - and to shake the bottle each time before using.

What concentration of retinol is in The Straight A?

Maya Chia is unique in that we always create products considering the entirety of a formulation in mind, without a myopic focus on the percentage of any one ingredient for marketing purposes or name recognition. Our formulation includes a broad variety of complementary actives - including Bakuchiol, Moth Bean Extract, Vitamin C and of course, encapsulated retinol. Traditional retinols can be harsh and irritating - and moreover those formulations may also include other irritating additives.

Because of the unique nature of our formulation, The Straight A releases encapsulated retinol slowly, over time. It's smart, you might say. Encapsulated retinols can be used on all skin types including sensitive skin or those first introducing Vitamin A to their regimen.

When should I use The Straight A?

To achieve best results, apply this product every evening as part of your PM skincare routine. You will be on your way to healthier looking skin in no time!

What are the benefits of using retinol?

Retinol has many skin benefits, including reversing signs of aging in mature skin and combating acne. Better yet, retinol is beneficial for all skin types!

Retinol is a safe derivative of Vitamin A that inhibits collagen breakdown, increases collagen synthesis and elasticity, improves water barrier function, is an anti-inflammatory agent, regulates sebum production and addresses signs of damage from photoaging - one of the only known products to do so.

By using The Straight A each night as part of your PM skincare routine, you will begin to see clearer, healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

How would you recommend layering The Straight A - Advanced Gentle Retinol Serum with other products?

Our carefully formulated Straight A Retinol Treatment blends into most PM skincare routines.

We recommend beginning by cleansing your face with The Great Cleanse, our gentle yet effective oil-based cleanser.

Next, add a light layer of hydration with The Optimist, our hydrating and brightening essence. The Optimist creates a nice base so your skin can gain maximum benefits from added moisturizers.

Next, we suggest applying The Straight A - Advanced Gentle Retinol Serum. Apply 1-2 pumps evenly over your face and neck.

If needed, follow up with a moisturizer. One of our favorites is combining it with the Advanced Response Complex. It makes for a powerful regenerative combination.

Due to the exfoliating properties of Retinol, make sure to only use this product at night and always use a broad-spectrum SPF during day!

How do Retinol and Vitamin C work together?

The Straight A Retinol Treatment was carefully formulated with star ingredients, including shelf-stable Vitamin C and slow-release encapsulated retinol. These ingredients work in tandem to boost each other’s effects and promote healthier, more radiant looking skin!

Are there things to consider when deciding to use retinol?

  • Prescription retinoids are regulated because they are teratogenic. Pregnant and nursing women should always avoid retinol products.

  • Use at night only, and always wear a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen during the day.

  • Keep all retinoid products away from light.

  • Never use benzoyl peroxide products, especially if you are an adult with acne. Prolonged use of BP can make skin photosensitive, and it impedes new skin cell formation, both of which accelerate skin aging.

Can I use The Straight A while pregnant and / or breastfeeding?

Pregnant and / or breastfeeding mamas should not use retinol products and contact their personal care physician to find a regimen that works for them, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

I received The Super Blend and it appears to have melted. What can I do?

The Super Blend Pressed Serum is designed to absorb rapidly into the skin and has a naturally softer consistency. Therefore, this product may melt when exposed at length to warm temperatures (during transit, etc.)

We assure that this has no negative effect on the product's efficacy, quality, or performance. To rectify the issue, we suggest stirring the balm with a clean and dry utensil, then placing it in the refrigerator to harden. Once the balm hardens, remove the jar from the refrigerator and allow the balm to adjust to room temperature.

What is the concentration of Vitamin C in The Super Blend?

We use Vitamin C Ester (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) in The Super Blend. This is slightly different from the Vitamin C that most people are familiar with.

Vitamin C Ester is a more potent form of Vitamin C, yet more gentle on the skin. Additionally, Vitamin C Ester absorbs into the skin much easier than its common counterpart, L-ascorbic Acid, and is more stable in skincare formulations which means it also has a longer shelf life.

As a practice, we do not disclose the percentage of actives used in our formulations for proprietary reasons. However, the Vitamin C Ester used in our products performs at lower percentages than L-ascorbic Acid used in other formulations. Often, the high percentage of Vitamin C in other formulations is offset by the fact that Vitamin C can degrade over time, rendering it unstable and (in many cases) inactive.

Though Vitamin C Ester is less common in skincare formulations, it is more expensive and has some serious benefits for the consumer. We include Vitamin C Ester in several Maya Chia formulations, including The Super Blend and The Eye Achiever – both of which have been highlighted by many experts in the clean beauty field due to their efficacy and performance.

Should I use The Super Blend with a moisturizer / face cream? If so, which goes first?

You can use The Super Blend in place of your face cream or moisturizer, or you can use both!

Everyone’s skin is different, so you may need to test out whether your skin demands more or less moisture. If you’d like to use both, apply your face cream first, then The Super Blend.

What is the concentration of Vitamin C in The Super Lift?

In this patent-pending formulation, we include three types of Vitamin C (Vitamin C SAP, Vitamin C MAP and Oil Soluble Vitamin C), Tranexamic acid, Ferula Esters and more to brighten the skin in a way that's gentle - yet incredibly effective.

Often times, the excessively high concentration of Vitamin C in formulations can mean very little, because the Vitamin C can degrade over time, rendering it unstable and inactive. At worst, a very high percentage of Vitamin C can be very irritating to the skin, especially those that have sensitive skin. We like to dispel the notion that a product has to have massively high percentages of any one ingredient to be effective. Instead, we focus on the formulation in it's entirety without focusing on any one ingredient.

How and where should I incorporate The Super Lift in my daily routine?

The Super Lift Vitamin C-More has active ingredients that work to revitalize and brighten the skin's appearance in the short - and long-term. The Super Lift Vitamin C-More treatment also acts uniquely as an instant smoothing, firming agent - as well as an effective primer, with ingredients clinically proven to help your makeup application last longer.

The Super Lift Concentrated Vitamin C-More Serum should be applied after using The Great Cleanse and The Optimist. Allow the hydration mist to fully dry before applying The Super Lift.

Quick tip: You can apply The Optimist throughout the day to reactivate the tightening effects of the Super Lift.

I have received The Chia Waterless Wonder Balm and it appears to have melted. What can I do?

The Chia Waterless Wonder Balm is designed to absorb rapidly into the skin and has a naturally softer consistency. Therefore, this product may melt when exposed at length to warm temperatures (during transit, etc.).

We assure that this has no negative effect on the product’s efficacy, quality, or performance. To rectify the issue, we suggest stirring the balm with a clean and dry utensil, then placing it in the refrigerator to harden. Once the balm hardens, remove the jar from the refrigerator and allow the balm to adjust to room temperature.

What are the benefits of the Chia Waterless Wonder Balm for the skin?

The Waterless Wonder Balm contains a significant level of chia seed oil, which is intensely soothing for the skin. A combination of powerful and high-grade ingredients, The Chia Waterless Wonder Balm is truly a multi-purpose wonder, transforming dull and dry skin on the body.

While it absorbs much faster than
other balms on the market, , it is specially designed to sit slightly heavier on the skin and doesn’t absorb as quickly as some of our oils and serums. Depending on your skin type and usage areas, it may be worth considering The Revitalizer - Beautifying Body Oil.

Should I apply The Power Fol Eyelash & Eyebrow Serum in the AM or PM?

Whether you apply this product in the morning or at night is up to you and based on your personal preference!

If you choose to apply in the morning, the product acts as a wonderful volumizing eyelash primer for mascara and a lightweight gel for your eyebrows. It is never sticky, dries quickly, and can be applied before makeup.

Does this product contain prostaglandins?

No, the Power Fol Multi-Correctional Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum is specially formulated to work effectively without the use of prostaglandins.

This product has been formulated with sensitive eyes in mind. In a third party study there were zero reports of eye irritation or discoloration associated with using this product.

When should I begin the see results?

We expect you may begin noticing results after 3 months of consistent use, although we’ve received feedback from many clients who have noticed results as early as 6 weeks. Taking before & after photos is a great way to document your progress!

How do I use The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment?

Simply spray the lightweight treatment directly onto the scalp, disperse evenly and massage into the scalp with your fingertips. This is a leave-in product, so feel free to style your hair normally immediately after use. Apply daily for best results.

Should I apply The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment in the AM or PM?

Whether you apply this product in the morning or at night is up to you! If you choose to apply in the morning, this product also acts as a wonderful styling agent for your hair.

Should I apply The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment to wet or dry hair?

The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment is designed as a lightweight agent to positively impact your scalp & hair health. Simply apply 1x daily to either wet or dry hair - whichever you prefer!

How long will one bottle last?

The duration of your bottle will depend on usage; how frequently and generously you use the product. We estimate your bottle you bottle to last between 4-8 weeks.

Due to wildly popular demand, we also offer a jumbo-size of The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment! Some clients prefer to purchase the jumbo size as it tends to last longer based on recommended usage.

Can I blow dry my hair after using The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment?

Yes! You may continue to style your hair as usual after using this product.

For extra protection and added benefits while using a blow dryer, we recommend using The Mane Agent as part of your hair care routine. The Mane Agent Advanced Molecular Bond Repair works in conjunction with The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment, and is activated with heat to repair broken hair bonds.

If you are using The Power Fol in between hair washes, you can spray the roots and then blow dry the product into your hair as an alternative to dry shampoo.

How do I use The Mane Agent?

After shampooing and conditioning, spray The Mane Agent from mid-shaft to ends on damp, towel-dried hair. Leave on hair, comb through and style as desired. This product can be used in conjunction with the Power Fol Scalp and Hair Treatment (which is reserved for the scalp) for the ultimate way to achieve healthy hair growth.

Can I use The Mane Agent on color-treated hair?

Yes! The Mane Agent was carefully formulated with all hair types in mind, including color-treated hair. It is gentle, yet effective on all hair types and textures.

Can I use The Mane Agent on curly / textured hair?

Yes! The Mane Agent was carefully formulated with all hair types in mind, including curly hair. It is gentle, yet effective on all hair types and textures.

Can I use The Mane Agent while I diffuse / blow dry / straighten / curl my hair?

Yes, however when using with heat tools that reach very hot temperatures – always exercise caution. We have not formally tested the product to withstand excessively hot temperatures of up to 420 degrees.

As an added bonus, The Mane Agent will help protect your hair from UV damage, humidity, and other environmental factors!

Does The Mane Agent work without heat?

Yes. While it is activated with heat to smooth, protect, and hold style – you will still get all the protective, conditioning, strengthening, volumizing and smoothing benefits (if you choose to opt out of heat styling tools) just from air drying your hair via oxidation.

Can I use the Mane Agent with other leave-in treatments?

Yes. It is safe to use The Mane Agent with other leave-in treatments, although you may not need another product when using it. We recommend applying The Mane Agent to the lengths of your hair first, before any additional products, so it can effectively saturate the hair shaft.

How does The Mane Agent work with The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment?

The Power Fol Scalp & Hair Treatment works to nourish the scalp and promote hair growth, while The Mane Agent works to protect, strengthen and nourish existing growing hair. They’re an excellent complement for ultimate scalp and hair wellness.

We recommend starting with the Power Fol – apply to the roots of your hair, and gently massage the product into your scalp. Follow up with The Mane Agent by spraying the product through the lengths of damp, towel-dried hair.

Additional Questions

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We produce our line in relatively small batches, so providing samples isn’t ideal with our way of creating product. We completely understand the need to try products before ordering full sizes, so we created The Discovery Collection – our on-the-go kit and vegan leather travel bag containing samples of The Great Cleanse, The Straight A, The Super Couple, The Super Lift, and The Super Blend.

While there is no industry standard definition for what constitutes clean beauty, at Maya Chia our products are never formulated with parabens, phthalates, PEGS or SLSs. We are dedicated to ensuring that our skin care products use the highest-quality ingredients from the most reputable sources across the world.

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I'm afraid we cannot make that assurance. Please note testimonials are freely given and are a representation of one customer's experience only - and therefore, results may vary and may not be your experience.

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Yes! We’re thrilled to work closely with an amazing grassroots organization in Guatemala called Adopt-A-Village. Their mission is to improve the education and economic conditions of the Mayas in Northwest Guatemala. We work closely with their team to help build schools, provide medical assistance, food, and other resources. Additionally, Adopt A Village is committed to teaching the community how to farm and become self-sustaining. Maya Chia is very proud to be a Corporate Sponsor of Adopt-A-Village Guatemala.

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