Maya Chia had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Lilly Wallace of LillyGenuineGlow to create the following tutorials to demonstrate how best to use our products. Lilly is an expert in the field of clean beauty and shares her best tips and tricks. We hope you enjoy and learn something new.

Pure Supercritical Chia Seed Oil
The Highlight of The Day Illuminating Face Serum
The Super Blend Multi-Correctional Moisture Concentrate
The Super Couple Ultra Luxe Face Oil Serum
The Eye Achiever Multi-Correctional Serum
The Revitalizer Body Oil
The Great Cleanse Nourishing Cleansing Oil
The Optimist Hydrating Brightening Essence
Supercritical Chia Waterless Wonder Balm
The Straight A Advanced Gentle Retinol Treatment
The Refresh Mint Resurfacing Moisture Mask
Meet the Super Lift Vitamin C-More Treatment - a new level innovation in Vitamin C.
Joanna Zale, the Lead Esthetician for Maya Chia, walks you through the many ways to use this exceptional tool for practicing the ancient practice of Gua Sha
Joanna Zale, Lead Esthetician for the Award-Winning Clean Beauty Brand Maya Chia, delves into the specifics of this proprietary scalp and hair formulation, why it is different from what exists in the market and how it works to encourage thicker, fuller, denser and longer hair.