Solar Powered Studio

Maya Chia: Powered by Nature's Best Ingredients (including the Sun)

At Maya Chia, we are committed to taking every step we can to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We are by no means perfect - we are continually evolving - but we are trying to make progress in the right direction.  

With that said, we recently made the decision to install solar panels in our nearly 5,000 square foot studio complex in Charleston, South Carolina.  We are now pleased to share that we have the capability to offset 100% of our electrical needs at our facility using solar energy. 

What that means is that every Maya Chia product we send to you will be created using clean energy. Additionally, we also installed a solar car charging station in our studio for our employees (at no cost to them) to incentivize the use of electrical vehicles. 

Our energy partners estimate that based on our yearly consumption, by converting our facility to solar power, it is tantamount to conserving the following resources:

Positive Effects of Going Solar

As the topic of Climate Change has taken center stage, we recognize the need to try and do our part to drive toward a clean, renewable energy source - ideally, one with zero emissions.

We are trying to take the necessary step not to contribute to the production of greenhouse gasses or fossil fuels – it is a journey, but one we are proud to be a part of.