Formulating the Future - A Note from our Formulator & Founder about The Super Lift Vitamin C-More Launch

It seems as if from Day 1, since I launched Maya Chia 7 1/2 years ago, I’ve been asked to formulate a Vitamin C treatment. While I created various products along the way that tapped into Vitamin C as part of an overall formulation – I did not expressly create a Vitamin C treatment.  The reason why it took me so long is because I wanted to make something unique. And the process of making something that’s different does not always happen easily and without effort.  

The Super Lift Vitamin C-More Treatment name stems from the idea that we wanted you to achieve more - and see more - from the Vitamin C Treatments we apply daily. The goal was to move the needle in terms of what a product could do for brightening the skin's appearance and revitalizing it overall. 

This product went through countless iterations and nearly three years to get it just right. We consider it a breakthrough in the Vitamin C landscape.  

And here's why: This is a triple shelf-stable Vitamin C combined with brightening agents such as Tranexamic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Niacinamide, Organic Sake, Tonka Bean Ferment and others. All of these ingredients act in concert to gently - yet powerfully - brighten the complexion. It's not about a race about who can add the most Vitamin C to the formulation - it's about thinking about the formulation from a comprehensive approach. 

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the formulation - it has a bio-polymer matrix that temporarily tightens and firms upon contact - think SPANX for your face 😉. 

As you may know, many tightening agents that firm upon contact can be excessively drying to the skin and also pill under makeup or SPF. I remember talking to a leading chemist about this issue and he said, "it is going to pill, you just have to accept that". That kind of response doesn't work me. My customers deserve better. I wanted this product to work and work exceptionally well.  

So…. 209 iterations later we are here. The formula does not pill under your makeup or SPF. In fact, one of these tightening agents (a red algae), interestingly enough, acts as a primer clinically proven to help your makeup last up to 6 hours longer and another tightening agent has been clinically tested to increase collagen synthesis by 157.1%.     

The formulation also has hydrators & moisturizers like Hyaluronic acid, Saccharides and Chia Seed Oil to counteract any drying effects that may occur from tightening agents and/or the use of Vitamin C Treatments. 

This formulation has been a long time coming and I've worked countless hours tucked away in the lab on this one. And I cannot wait for you to experience what we hope is a breakthrough innovation in the Vitamin C space.