A Power Fol Solution To Denser, Fuller Lashes & Brows

Chances are you’ve seen heard and read bushier brows signify youthfulness and are “en vogue”. Oh, if only we could tell our younger selves to slowly back away from the tweezers.

Celebrity make-up artist, Katrina Klein quotes in this month’s Harper's Bazaar "I love a full, fluffy brow, and it's one of my favorite steps in my makeup routine, because it truly lifts your entire face up, and can transform you from tired to awake in seconds."


Our customers have been raving about the results of The POWER FOL – not only for bushier brows but for their eyelashes as well – because this multi-tasking product has got you covered on both fronts. One of our most recent and notable reviews comes from Lisa Fennessy of @thenew.knew who posted,

"This is hands down the best lash and brow growth treatment I’ve tried. And I’ve tried quite a few!" She elaborates, “the lightweight gel serum to be crucial as she can layer makeup overtop and allows for treatment both day and night.”

As a result of the popularity of this product, we’ve received a number of excellent questions – many of which we thought would be helpful to share. While exploring hair regrowth serums and use, we hope these answers from the Maya Chia Studio may serve as a helpful resource.

How often should I apply the product?
You only need to apply the product 1x per day in order to see results, however you can always apply the product 2x per day (AM and PM) to help expedite results.

Should I apply the product in the AM or PM
Whether you apply the product in the morning or evening is up to your personal preference. If you choose to apply in the morning, the product acts as a wonderful volumizing eyelash primer for mascara and acts like a lightweight gel for your eyebrows. It is never sticky and dries quickly, so it is easy to apply makeup over it.

Will the product turn my eyes a different color?
We have had zero reports of eye discoloration.

When should I begin to see results?
We expect you should begin to see results around the 6-week mark, but we've received responses from several consumers who have noticed changes prior to this marker. Taking Before & After photos is a great way to document your progress.

Will this product irritate my eyes?
This product was formulated with sensitive eyes in mind. In the 3rd-party Consumer Usage Study on Power Fol Multi-Correctional Eyelash | Eyebrow Treatment, there were zero reports of eye irritation.

How long will the tube last?
The length of your tube will depend upon usage, but we estimate 2 months.

What Peptides are in this product?
Our creator Susanne explains, “Peptides can be used in lash & brow formulas to enhance length, density and strength. This formula uses not one but FOUR peptides in their quadruple peptide complex made up of biotinoyl tripeptide-1, acetyl tetrapeptide-3, myristoyl pentapeptide-17 and pea peptide proteins - all of which have different mechanisms of action.

Chia Seed involvement in the PowerFol?
OF COURSE, we were going to incorporate the power of chia. Chia seed mucilage is used to create a flexible film which helps lashes and brows appear defined and hydrated.