INTRODUCING: The Power Fol Advanced Multi-Correctional Eyelash | Eyebrow Growth Serum

When we introduced the Power Fol Scalp and Hair Treatment last January, one of the most popular questions received was "Can it be used on the eyelashes and eyebrows?" And while, technically, you can spray the Power Fol Hair Treatment onto a spoolie and brush it onto your eyebrows, we wanted to create a product expressly formulated for the eyelashes and eyebrows. One that worked – and worked exceptionally well. 

Enter: The Power Fol Lash | Brow Multi-Correctional Growth Serum. A formulation that incorporates many of the core hair growth ingredients from Power Fol, but is (powerfully) augmented by innovative ingredients specifically formulated for the unique needs of the eyelashes and eyebrows.   

As we age, we begin to lose the hairs on our head more rapidly, and the same is true for our eyelashes and eyebrows. The Power Fol Lash | Brow Serum uses the most advanced clean ingredient innovations to encourage the appearance of longer, fuller and healthier lashes and brows, while providing the immediate benefits of a lash and brow gel to naturally accentuate them.  

So, what makes the Power Fol Lash | Brow Multi-Correctional Growth Serum so unique?   

Power Fol eyelash/eyebrow treatment

Patent-Pending Quadruple Peptide Complex

 Most lash & brow serums are formulated with only one peptide. This formula contains four potent, clinically proven peptides to enhance length, density and strength.   

Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 stimulates keratinocyte production in the hair follicle to activate hair growth by as much as 121% in 14 days. It increases anchor proteins in the root sheath to prevent lash loss and allow hair to grow longer. In clinical studies, after 15 days of use lash length increased as much as 32%, lash diameter 33%, and eyelash loss decreased by 3.7%.1-2  
Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 regenerates atrophied hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and limits hair loss by reducing the shrinkage of the follicle.3-4 In clinical studies, after 4 weeks of use lash length increased 3X. After 8 weeks of use, new lashes increased by 46% and density increased up to 27%.  
Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 stimulates the genes in the hair’s inner root sheath responsible for density and volume. In clinical studies, visible improvement of volume was seen in two weeks, and after 4 weeks, the overall density of lashes increased by 66%. 
+ Peptide Proteins are from a legume rich in proteins that has one of the highest concentrations of fiber and protein per gram. They have been studied for the ability to help promote new hair growth and have shown effective in topical solutions, as well as ingestible supplements. A third-party study suggested that Pea Peptide Proteins helped to increase the production of vital genes responsible for signaling new hair growth – FGF7 and Noggin - which showed a 56% and 85% increase, respectively.6-7   

artful Power Fol

Ingredients Added To Grow, Lengthen, and Add Fullness

+ Ginseng contains a group of compounds known as ginsenosides that target the dermal papilla – the root of a hair follicle – in a number of ways to help decrease hair loss while simultaneously helping promote hair growth. Studies show that ginsenosides actively work to inhibit DHT production and cell death in the dermal papilla. At the same time, ginsenosides rapidly produce a number of growth factors in the root in order to help promote new hair growth.3,5   
+ Baikal Skullcap Flower is rich in the antioxidant flavonoid Baicalin which, according to research, stimulates hair growth by reactivating unproductive hair follicles and extending the anagen phase for a longer growth period resulting in increased length and density.9-10  In one study, after 3 months of use hair loss declined 60.6%, hair density increased up to 59.3%, and at the 6 month time point, the growth phase of hair had extended by 68.6%.   
+ Red Clover Flower contains high levels of Biochanin A, a tetrapeptide that biomimics the signaling peptide that inhibits Type I and Type II 5-α-Reductase, enzymes responsible for the creation of DHT, a key contributor to hair loss.4 Additionally, Biochanin A has been shown to increase hair growth by increasing the anagen/telogen ratio of the hair growth cycle.11 In one clinical study, Red Clover Flower showed inhibition of Type I 5-α-Reductase (64%), inhibition of Type II 5-α-Reductase (93%), and extended the growth phase of hair by 46%.4  
+ Chia Seed Mucilage is a polysaccharide created when chia seeds come into contact with water. When fermented, the mucilage significantly increases in molecular weight and creates a flexible film when applied to lash and brow hair. As a result, lashes and brows immediately appear defined and are deeply hydrated upon application and over time.    
Rice Protein is abundant in amino acids that are beneficial to the hair creating stronger, more flexible brows and lashes that are better able to retain moisture. Once lashes and brows are coated, they appear glossy, thick, and dense. In one study, rice protein increased hair volume by as much as 32% after only one application.  
+ Pro-Vitamin B5/Panthenol is the precursor to Vitamin B5, a critical hair nutrient. When applied, the Panthenol is converted by the body into Vitamin B5 where it reduces hair shedding and increases density by strengthening the hair strands and the hair follicle, and helps hair retain moisture to maintain hydration and volume. 
+ Tilia Tomentosa (Linden) Bud Extract is a unique species of linden tree grown in a specific region of Turkey. It is rich in phytochemicals such as polysaccharides, flavonoids, peptides and amino acids, and adds immediate fullness to the cuticle of the lash and brow hair.  

5 Power Fol lined up

Dual Ended Applicator For Ease of Use

Not only do we labor over every detail of our formulations, we also are meticulous when we think through the packaging. In our minds, the ease of application is nearly as important as the formulation itself which is why we thought extensively about what would make this product not only easy to use, but efficient and effective for both eyelashes and eyebrows.  

We ultimately landed on a dual-ended applicator – a fine tip end that can be used to apply the serum along the skin at the base of the upper and lower eyelashes in order to stimulate new hair growth, and a brush end that can be used to coat through the lashes to add immediate fullness and combed through the eyebrows to shape and stimulate growth.   

dual ended applicator

The Study

In a study of the benefits of the Power Fol Lash | Brow Multi-Correctional Growth Serum conducted by a third-party, after 8 weeks, 90.9% of the participants reported significant growth, and 85% felt their lashes looked better after applying mascara. As well, none of the participants experienced eye irritation. The Before and After photos from this study illustrate the FOL effect of this innovative growth serum. Note these photos represent only a sample of users, and results may not be typical. 

Before & After 4 Weeks of Daily Usebefore & after photos

 The Power Fol Advanced Multi-Correctional Eyelash | Eyebrow Growth Serum – shop now!


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