Why Using Face & Body Oils in the Summer Makes Sense

With the heat of summer come a number of less than desirable skin situations – sweat can trigger breakouts – and excessive sun exposure can lead to dry and dehydrated skin. Factor in the added complications of humidity – which can make a typical moisturizer a challenge to absorb into the skin – and you’ve got a very good case for oils. Incorporating high quality oils as an easy and effective part of your summer skin care ritual will keep your skin looking fresh, radiant and nourished – and anything but greasy.
Face oils penetrate into the deeper levels of the dermis – and that’s why people have found them so effective. Face oils are also made of ingredients that act in a similar way to the skin’s sebum layer and moisture barrier – reinforcing the skin’s protective layer, and providing protection from free radicals and pollution while locking moisture in. Face oils also balance the skin during temperature fluctuations and humidity.
Although warmer weather triggers heavier sebum production from the sebaceous glands – which are mainly concentrated in the T-zone – using a face oil is a smart strategy to reduce excess sebum production because the skin recognizes that it’s hydrated and sufficiently lubricated, and then reduces its oil production.
We’d recommend our original face oil or our ultra luxe super couple – with the super antioxidant power of astaxanthin – if you’re looking for additional anti-aging elements; both are extremely lightweight, fast-absorbing with a silky formula that sinks in beautifully and delivers long-lasting moisture.
Botanical oils are highly concentrated with antioxidants and omega fatty acids – and supercritical chia seed oil has the richest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. This is critical in the summer when our skin is constantly barraged by free radical damage from exposure to the sun and air pollution.
Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants work to repair the skin barrier and antioxidants can help prevent and reverse free radical damage.
Oils are a complete multi-tasking wonder for the summer. Fast absorbing and non-greasy, Maya Chia face oils are the perfect way to moisturize and nourish your dehydrated skin during the hot summer months. 
Tips for Using Face Oils in the Summer Months
1. Wash your facial skin using a deeply hydrating nourishing cleansing oil, one that doesn’t strip your skin yet gently removes your makeup and washes off thoroughly. Place several pumps of the Nourishing Supercritical Chia Cleansing Oil in your hand and then wet it slightly, begin to wash your face in circular upward and outward motions – massaging your skin as you go. Take time to enjoy the ritual as part of your self care.
2.  Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed, place 8 drops of our Original Supercritical Chia face oil or the Super Couple into the palm of your hands and press your hands together. Then, place your hands against your skin and press, gently massaging the oil in upward and outward strokes on your face. Gently massage the face oil into your skin and give yourself a little bit extra loving care. Please don’t forget to take this opportunity – as part of your daily skincare ritual – to provide a treasured window of self-care and much-needed time for yourself. Perhaps more or less than 8 drops of the face oil will be necessary; this depends on your skin’s condition and how much moisture it needs.
Tips for Using Body Oils in the Summer
1. First, dry brush your body using upward strokes, starting from your lower body, working upwards in advance of entering the shower or bath. Dry brushing is a wonderful way to stimulate circulation, and to increase exfoliation – assisting your skin in cell turnover.
2. After you step out of the shower, apply a deeply penetrating, nourishing body oil, such as the Revitalizer Supercritical Chia body oil, to your damp skin. The water and oil will emulsify together and will create a lightweight barrier to hold moisture into the skin. After you moisturize your body starting from your legs upward, concentrating especially on dry patches, such as your elbows and knees. An added bonus is that the little that you have leftover you can smooth onto the ends of your hair or fly-aways.
3. Finally, add a few drops of the body oil to areas that you’d like to highlight, such as your décolleté: it creates the perfect, sexy sheen on the skin.