Upping Your Moisture Game This Winter

Most of us know the importance of moisturizing if we want to appear younger and more refreshed. It’s only recently, though, that we’ve been hearing about how face and body oils can help us do that, and do that remarkably well.

There used to be the misconception that face and body oils weren’t good for the skin; they’d cause breakouts, or just sit on the skin and never really moisturize and nourish. While some heavier oils might have contributed to this perception, there’s a new appreciation for the efficacy of oils for truly moisturizing the skin and imparting a dewy radiance.

Enter chia oil. It only makes sense that a nutritional powerhouse like chia, which has more omegas than wild salmon, 3 times more antioxidants than blueberries, is so good for your body’s health, and is equally as amazing for beautifying your skin.

The Ancient Mayas have known about chia seeds for centuries, and just recently chia has become a superfood darling with nutritionists. In fact, the word “chia” meant strength in Maya culture, and was used by ancient warriors as a food source for long journeys because of its fiber rich content, high antioxidant levels, minerals and other nutritional benefits. The Maya even used chia seeds in ancient rituals and medicinal elixirs.

Maya Chia is so proud to be a part of this newfound appreciation of chia and is proud to be at the vanguard of using this oil for its amazing beauty benefits.