Welcome to a New Age in Eye Care

Advanced Eye Response Complex

Welcome to a new age in eye care. Maya Chia proudly presents the culmination of nearly a decade-long pursuit to make an innovative eye cream. Meet the Advanced Eye Response Complex. Born from extensive research, meticulous sourcing, and countless formulations, we hope this product sets a new standard in treating the delicate skin around your eyes.

A Very Special Blend

This innovative formulation is a proprietary blend of the most innovative and potent clean ingredients, expressly created to rejuvenate and restore the delicate eye contour. At its core lies Encapsulated Retinol, a time-tested ingredient revered for its collagen-boosting prowess and skin-revitalizing properties. Complementing this powerhouse are Algae Polysaccharides, a dynamic duo of Ascophyllum Nodosum and Asparagopsis Armata extracts, both ingredients clinically tested to reduce the appearance of dark circles and brighten the look of the eye contour. This complex also features a blend of Amino Acids, Multiple Peptides, and high-quality Vitamin C. These elements synergistically nourish and rejuvenate, working in harmony to turn back the clock on your eye’s appearance.

The Architect of Youthful Eyes

The Advanced Eye Response Complex works to encourage your skin’s natural response mechanisms, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Its slow-release formulation ensures a gentle yet potent delivery of Encapsulated Retinol, guaranteeing results without irritation. The cream provides your skin with the foundational elements to revive and restore — allowing your skin to do all the work without you having to lift a finger, well, except one.

Pairing for Perfection

For an unparalleled skincare ritual, pair the Advanced Eye Response Complex (AERC) with the Advanced Response Complex for the Face and Neck (ARC). This dynamic duo works synergistically to elevate your skincare routine. While the AERC targets the delicate eye contour, the ARC brings the same level of care to your facial and neck skin, creating a comprehensive strategy to combat the signs of aging.

Optimize your skincare routine with Maya Chia’s innovative Advanced Eye Response Complex. Elevate your eye contour’s appearance with the power of encapsulated retinol, algae polysaccharides, and a host of natural ingredients. Pair it with the Advanced Response Regenerative Complex for the Face and Neck for a transformative anti-aging strategy.