The Science Behind THE MANE AGENT™ | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair

The Mane Agent

Any time we come up with an idea for a new product, the idea usually directly stems from a need we have experienced in our own lives. Dealing with damaged hair can be difficult and costly, and many of us feel that we don’t have time for regular salon treatment. On top of that, there are so many options flooding the marketplace it can be difficult to discern what works and what is a marketing bluster. 
We created The Mane Agent | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair to work – and to work exceptionally well with a formulation that is serious about achieving transformative results. 
When we set out to formulate a new product, we refuse to compromise on its efficacy. Our formulator, Susanne, created over 100 iterations of The Mane Agent | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair in the lab until she found the right balance and felt as though she had created something unique – and most importantly, something wildly efficacious. Not only do we feel thrilled with the final product, but it seems as though our clients feel the same way. 
Before our product was ever introduced in market, a 3rd party conducted a two-week long Consumer Usage Study. The results blew us away, to say the least. According to the study, 86% of participants said The Mane Agent is better than any hair treatment product they had previously tried. After hearing these results, we couldn’t wait for product launch day. Since then, The Mane Agent has received a lot more love – and we are so grateful! 
So, what makes The Mane Agent different from other hair repair products? We’ve found that many leave-in treatments mask signs of damage without offering any opportunity for real repair. We didn’t want our product to solely make hair look healthier for the short term; we needed it to actively repair and strengthen each strand. Let’s look at the science behind our latest product and find out why The Mane Agent works.

Hair Anatomy

Before we delve into how The Mane Agent works to repair the hair, let’s do a little refresh on hair anatomy. 

Each individual strand of hair consists of three layers:
+ The medulla is a loosely packed region of air space and cells at the very center of the hair follicle and is the weakest part of the hair shaft.1
+ The cortex is the middle layer that makes up most of the hair shaft and is formed by long protein cells. The cortex is mainly made of keratin protein structures which may become damaged.1,2
+ The cuticle is the outer most layer of the hair shaft. It is responsible for protecting the hair shaft from environmental damage but may become worn when exposed to heat, UV rays, and chemical treatments.1,2

There are three types of bonds in the hair. Each type has a special role in the composition and strength of the hair shaft:
+ Hydrogen bonds are the weakest and most flexible bonds of the hair. They are responsible for retaining hydration in the hair shaft. Hydrogen bonds can be easily broken by water and heat.3
+ Ionic bonds are temporary bonds in the hair that contribute to strength and elasticity. These bonds may be broken by suboptimal pH levels which affect the hair.3

+ Disulfide bonds are permanent bonds that determine the hair’s natural shape, stability, and texture. These bonds are broken by chemical treatments as well as permanent styling methods.3

The hair shaft is made up of microscopic keratin proteins that are linked together by disulfide bonds to form long molecular chains throughout the hair. The more disulfide bonds that are present, the stronger the keratin proteins become – and the stronger the hair shaft will be. When hair is damaged, these bonds are broken, causing the molecular chains to be disrupted.2,3

science of damage

The Mane Agent | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair works to reconstruct all three of these different  bonds. As well as the molecular chains within the hair shaft, resulting in healthier, stronger strands. Let’s dig a little deeper into our innovative formulation. 
The Science Behind The Mane Agent | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair 
We tested over 100 iterations of The Mane Agent before we formulated a version that we are confident performs above and beyond your traditional conditioning treatments. Unlike other leave-in products, this innovative formulation works to transform your hair from deep inside the hair shaft. 
The foundational element of The Mane Agent | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair is our proprietary technology – a complex comprised of chia seed, polysaccharides, and amino acids. This reactive system works to covalently bond to broken disulfide bonds within keratin proteins in the cortex, repairing damaged links between keratin fibers and working to restore hair structure and strength. 
In addition to disulfide bond repair, the proprietary formulation seals loose ionic bonds to strengthen the hair shaft and promote elasticity.  It also addresses hydrogen bonds by locking in moisture and hydration within the hair shaft. 
The goal is to not only have your hair look and feel healthier – but to actually be healthier! Our unique bonding agent aims to fills gaps in the hair follicle and improve porosity, increase resistance to water and humidity, reinforce the cuticle of the hair fiber and volumize each individual hair shaft – resulting in truly stronger, smoother, bouncier, healthier hair. 
In addition to bond-forming benefits, our proprietary complex is clinically proven to increase hydration. It actively forms a protective, yet conditioning shield in the cuticle to lock in moisture and protect your hair from future damage. 

During a recent study, standard electron microscopy (SEM) imaging was used to develop high resolution images of various hair cuticles, some of which were treated with our proprietary technology and some left untreated during a bleaching process. The hairs treated with our proprietary bonding and moisturizing technology showed a significant decrease in hair cuticle damage. Unlike conventional brands, our unique formulation is free from controversial ethoxylated chemicals and is clean and renewable.  
So, let’s get down to the bottom line; The Mane Agent | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair is suitable for most hair types and textures, and blends seamlessly into any hair routine. Just spray through the lengths of clean, towel-dried hair and continue to style as usual. Before you know it, your hair will be the healthiest you’ve ever experienced!


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