More Glow = Less Makeup

You may think that to achieve a natural, sun-kissed glow for the summer you will need to subject yourself to potentially damaging UV rays, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Our Highlight of the Day in its newest shade, After Hours, contains nourishing ingredients that leave your skin beautifully bronzed and hydrated.

Blogger Sarah James using Highlight of the Day in After Hours to achieve a natural glow.

The Highlight of the Day Illuminating Face Serum made its debut as a beauty must-have in December of last year, providing an innovative approach to traditional highlighters. The makeup serum is full of unique, nourishing ingredients that give skin a dewy glow, as well as a healthy boost of antioxidants and essential minerals. Now, the nutrient-packed Highlight of the Day introduces a new shade, After Hours, that provides a pearlized sheen in a golden base that blurs imperfections and offers the benefits of supercritical chia oil, broccoli seed oil, and calendula extract.


Merrandy Wickes of Detox Market radiates in Highlight of the Day’s newest shade: After Hours

After Hours, there are no rules. Apply the serum over, under, or even mixed with your favorite foundation in order to create a nourishing golden tone. Brush it across your cheekbones, dab it into your cupid’s bow, smooth it down the bridge of your nose, apply it to your entire face, bathe in it! Regardless of how you choose to use it, Highlight of the Day in After Hours will give you a lasting glow that your skin will actually thank you for.


Jessica of Bare Beauty blog using After Hours to achieve an “unmakeup makeup” look.

The philosophy behind the ultra natural glow of After Hours is what we like to refer to as “unmakeup makeup”. The idea: to enhance one’s own beauty with the least amount of product – so that, as Taylor of My Lucite Dreams says, more glow = less makeup. After Hours gives all skin types the opportunity to practice this philosophy.


The Highlight of the Day in its newest shade: After Hours.  

The incredibly nourishing ingredients also offer benefits beyond a glowing bronze radiance. Supercritical Chia Oil, the powerhouse ingredient, is extracted from the richest known botanical source of antioxidants, known for restricting production of free radicals that can damage skin cells. Broccoli seed oil, another superstar in the After Hours formula, also contains its fair share of powerful antioxidants, as well as fatty acids that help to keep skin protected and ultra-hydrated for the summer.


After Hours on blogger Amy Chang indoors, in sunlight, and blended out, respectively.

Both aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully nourishing, Highlight of the Day in After Hours is sure to be the hottest product in your beauty arsenal. To purchase Highlight of the Day in After hours, click here.