INTRODUCING:  The Mane Agent – Advanced Molecular Bond Repair

Grow Stronger, From the Inside Out

Two years ago, we entered the haircare space. It was the first haircare product we ever launched in our decade-long history of the brand. We had no idea if it would sell, we had no idea if our customers would be receptive, but we knew it worked – and worked exceptionally well, we would never introduce it otherwise. 

It was the Power Fol Advanced Multi-Correctional Scalp & Hair Treatment – and we brought out know-how of skin care and extrapolated it to scalp care. The Power Fol has since become a hero product for our brand. 

Since we launched the Power Fol Scalp and Hair Treatment, we’ve had customers ask us repeatedly what we recommend as a regimen for the rest of their hair, after it’s started to grow from the scalp. We are now proud to say we have a solution for growing and maintaining strong healthy hair – not only at the root but right down to the tips. 

Meet The Mane Agent | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair. This is a true multi-correctional wonder, with the most advanced technology. It is an innovative, at-home, no-rinse, lightweight bonding treatment that covalently bonds to the amino acids and keratin fragments in the hair, including the broken disulfide linkages. It works to deeply repair the hair, significantly reduce breakage, nurture, and protect the hair’s bonds while enhancing the volume of each individual hair shaft - all while softening the hair and improving shine. 

So, what makes The Mane Agent different? Unlike conventional hair treatments, the Mane Agent is an easy-to-use formulation that actually works to repair hair damage from the cortex to the cuticle. The cornerstone of this advanced, innovative formulation is the proprietary bond repair complex which forms long molecular chains inside the hair shaft that work to heal broken disulfide bonds and restore damaged keratin fibers in the hair. It also volumizes the hair at the same time, so it’s never weighed down by the reparative treatment. 

Before we delve into how The Mane Agent works to repair the hair, let’s learn more about the hair’s anatomy. 

 Anatomy of the Hair

Each individual strand of hair consists of three layers – the medulla, cortex, and cuticle.  

The medulla is a loosely pack region of air space and cells at the very center of the hair follicle. This area is usually a contributor to splitting of the hair as it is the weakest part of the hair shaft.5 The medulla may be continuous, broken up, or entirely missing from the hair shaft.6

The cortex is the middle layer of the hair shaft that makes up the majority of the hair shaft, and if formed by long protein cells.7 The cells in the cortex determine the color of the hair shaft as well as how curly or straight it is.4,6 The cortex is mainly made of keratin protein structures.

Keratin proteins are the building blocks for hair, skin, and nails. They are intended to withstand many environmental damages, but a number of things can break down these proteins resulting in hair damage – such as genetics, climate, diet, and cosmetic treatments.6

Keratin proteins are composed of over 21 amino acids that spiral together to form structures within proteins.4 They are essential to hair development and provide powerful moisturizing and structural properties. Many amino acids in the hair are essential, meaning that the body cannot produce them on its own. For a healthy hair structure, these amino acids must be obtained through external efforts such as diet or hair treatments.7 

Disulfide bonds are crucial to the stability of keratin proteins. They form links between amino acids to create a strong foundation within the proteins. The more disulfide bonds present, the stronger the keratin proteins become – and the stronger the hair shaft will be. Disulfide bonds can become damaged or break due to external factors such as bleaching and dyeing the hair, using hot tools without protection, UV damage, and harmful hair styling. When this happens, the keratin proteins in the hair are weakened, resulting in hair that is more susceptible to damage.6

The cuticle is the outer most layer of the hair shaft, consisting of overlapping scales called keratinocytes that resemble shingles on a roof. The shape and distribution of these “scales” largely determine the hairs strength and friction levels.5 The cuticle is responsible for protecting the hair shaft from environmental damage but may become worn when exposed to heat, UV rays, and chemical treatments without protection.6

 How It Works

The Mane Agent was carefully formulated over and over until we were sure we had the most advanced and effective blend of ingredients clean hair care has seen yet. The three pillars for this cutting-edge formulation are the proprietary complex, Amaranth Extract, and Baobab Seed Extract. 

The proprietary complex in The Mane Agent comprised of chia seed, polysaccharides, and amino acids. This reactive system covalently bonds to the broken disulfide bonds within keratin proteins in the hair – repairing damaged links between amino acids and keratin fibers and restoring hair structure. This unique bonding agent fills gaps within the hair follicle to increase resistance to water and humidity, reinforce the cuticle of the hair fiber, and slow the rate of oxidation during hair treatments – resulting in stronger, smoother, moisturized hair shafts. 

In addition to the bond forming benefits, the foundational complex is clinically proven to increase hydration. It forms a protective, yet moisturizing shield around the shaft of the hair to resist damage caused by chemicals, heat, and UV rays. 

Standard Electron Microscopy imaging developed high resolution images of hair cuticles treated with the complex and those left untreated in a recent study. The hairs treated with the bonding and moisturizing technology showed a significant decrease in damage on the hair cuticle. 

Unlike conventional brands, our technology is free from controversial ethoxylated chemicals and is clean and renewable. 

The formulation also includes additional ingredients with incredible clinically-proven results. 

Amaranth is a natural plant source derived form an ancient grain that contains large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, tocopherols, phytosterols, and squalene.2 It’s an effective ingredient in hair care for its abilities to protect the hair from harmful UV rays, strengthen the hair, reduce friction, and improve shine for healthier looking hair.3  Amaranth contains unique lightweight peptide fractions that are efficient in penetrating the hair to increase each individual hair shaft without weighing the hair down.

In a recent study, hair treated with Amaranth showed substantial results in increasing volume, bounce, and movement as well as significant decrease in friction. Hair treated with three applications of Amaranth had an increase in hair diameter 11.3% more than control, promoting thicker, more voluminous hair. After multiple treatments of Amaranth, hair clearly exhibited more movement and resistance - resulting in fuller, more bouncy hair. After just one application of Amaranth, hair showed a decrease in friction by over 13%, allowing hair to move freely without tangling.

Our Amaranth Extract is Non-GMO and naturally gluten free.

Baobab is often referred to as the “tree of life”, and for good reason. It’s rich in amino acids, fatty vitamins and minerals that have exceptional moisturizing and protective properties.  Baobab has the capabilities to strengthen, protect, smooth, condition, nourish, and recover hair strands. It’s full of collagen-inducing properties that helps your body build keratin – the protein that makes up hair.1

When compared to untreated hair, Baobab exhibits significant improvement in hair appearance and health. According to research, hair treated with our Baobab extract showed a 15% increase in strength after being exposed to UV Damage. Regarding damage recovery, hair treated with Baobab had a 10% increase in elasticity and 15% increase in strength after bleaching, dyeing, and heating. Baobab also showed significant lasting smoothing effects and showed comparable results in shine, detangling, smoothness, and softness. 

Our Baobab seed extract is ethically and sustainably sourced and works as an excellent natural alternative to popular hair care solutions, often outperforming them. 

In addition to these foundational ingredients, The Mane Agent features ingredients such as Panthenol, Biotin, Lemon Protein, and a complex blend of Amino Acids to aid in deep hair repair and nourishment. 

 The Results

During the formulating process, we created countless iterations of the Mane Agent, it was important to us that this product would suit most types of hair. Once we felt confident in its efficacy, The Mane Agent participated in a two-week long Consumer Usage Study performed by a third-party. The results blew us away. 

 According to the Consumer Usage Study: 

+ 86% of participants said The Mane Agent is better than any hair treatment product they tried
+ 91% said The Mane Agent significantly improves the appearance & feel of hair
+ 95% said The Mane Agent was lightweight & added bounce to the hair

+ 95% said The Mane Agent does not cause build up or residue

"My hair volume feels like it has doubled. It is shiny and healthy-looking. It was horribly damaged previously and thin and difficult to grow. It has strengthened my hair dramatically. The frizz factor of my hair is gone! Which I love."
Consumer Usage Study Participant

Each participant submitted a picture before the trial began, and another at the end of the consumer usage trial. The results were transformative – click here to check them out! These customers represent a small sample of purchasers - therefore, results may not be typical.

How It’s Used

The Mane Agent | Advanced Molecular Bond Repair is suitable for most hair types and textures. The optimal way to use the Mane Agent Advanced Molecular Bond Treatment is on damp, towel dried hair. Spray the product evenly through the lengths of the hair, avoiding the roots, and comb through if desired. No need to rinse the product out, continue to style hair as usual. We recommend using this product up to three times a week. It may be used along with a scalp treatment of choice – such as the Power Fol Advanced Multi-Correctional Scalp & Hair Treatment – to ensure the healthiest hair growth. 

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