HOWDOYOUCHIA / Photo-Sharing Contest

When some people think Chia, they may think of a cool little novelty plant or maybe their newly popular use as a superfood in recipes. Chia is the richest botanical source in nature, which means it has more skin-loving omega fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants than any other plant source. So here at Maya Chia we thought, “With all of its amazing health benefits, why not adapt chia and its raw, powerful nutrients to apply topically to the skin?”

So that is exactly what our founder, Susanne did, using the best seeds and a patented supercritical extraction process to ensure the highest quality chia oil is in all of our natural products. The result: a remarkable radiance that comes from nourished skin. The best testament to the effectiveness of our line is our customers’ glowing reviews.

From its beginnings as a Maya energy food to its new second-life in skin care and beauty products, we are proud to be a part of this New Age (in skincare), ushering in a wonderful movement surrounding chia, and we hope you join us. Whether you use Chia in your pudding, smoothies or skin care we would like to know; #How do you Chia? Share a photo of the way you incorporate chia in your life on instagram, twitter or facebook for a chance to win our product line.

Thanks for joining us, and Welcome to a New Age!