How does Blue Light Affect Your Hair and Skin?

The Advanced Response Complex

When you think about the harmful effects of blue light, you probably think about your eyes. But blue light is also a problem for your hair and skin too.

What is blue light anway? 

Blue light is generated by the sun and by many types of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, and LED lights.  It has been shown to have a negative effect on skin and hair. This kind of light has been linked to premature aging, wrinkles, and sagging skin. 

Blue Light’s Connection to Hair Loss

In recent years, scientists have found that exposure to blue light can also cause hair loss in both men and women. Several studies indicate that exposure to blue light can result in hair shedding because it causes damage to the hair follicles on the scalp. The damage caused by blue light may also contribute to dryness and breakage of strands, which can further exacerbate hair loss.

How to Reduce Blue Light Impacts on Hair & Skin

+ Limit Your Exposure 
The general rule is to avoid any bright light for at least an hour before going to bed. This includes reading on a tablet or phone with Blue Light but also watching TV or videos online. If possible, turn down the brightness of your device's display as well as dim the brightness of its backlight (if this option is available).
+ Wear protective eyewear 
The best way to reduce the negative effects of blue light is by wearing protective eyewear whenever possible. Many brands have released Blue Light combating glasses to help fight the effects Blue Light can cause on the eyes.
+ Evaluate Your Current Skin Routine
It’s important to use gentle products rich with super-charged antioxidants for your skin routine, especially if you are exposed to Blue Light for long durations  of time. The Advanced Response Complex - Rapid Regenerating Face & Neck Moisture Cream contains Chebula, a super antioxidant, which has been clinically-proven to help fight the effects against Blue Light on the skin. 
+ Use an Effective Hair Growth Serum
Using a hair serum that helps to promote growth, such as our Power Fol Advanced Multi-Correctional Scalp & Hair Treatment, will help combat the damage blue light contributes to the scalp. The Power Fol’s formulation takes a comprehensive approach to overall hair wellness, encouraging the look of denser, stronger, and healthier hair at the same time it minimizes the appearance of hair fallout.

A Holistic Approach Is Best

While using products to combat Blue Light, the best approach is through Holistic measures. It is preferable to use a holistic strategy to obtain the greatest possible skin and hair health. Get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, decrease stress, and use gentle skin and hair wellness treatments in addition to limiting your exposure to blue light. if you take this type of approach, we believe you'll soon have the healthiest skin and hair you've ever had.