Decoding Sirtuins in Skincare

The Straight A

Delving into the world of skincare, the role of sirtuins is gaining prominence as a potential game-changer for age-defying solutions. These proteins, revered as guardians of cellular vitality, play a pivotal role in maintaining skin health. Having proudly introduced sirtuins in select products, we have aimed to elevate the skincare experience with science-backed formulations.

Sirtuins, vital in influencing cellular functions, are a group of proteins instrumental in various cellular processes and hold immense promise for anti-aging skincare. Their involvement in DNA repair, inflammation reduction, and energy metabolism can fortify skin cells against environmental stressors, revitalizing skin texture and resilience.

Research suggests that sirtuins play a vital role in maintaining cellular integrity and defending against external stressors. By influencing gene expression and promoting longevity pathways, they contribute to the overall resilience of skin cells.

The transformative potential of sirtuin-activating compounds in Maya Chia’s Straight A Advanced Gentle Retinol Treatment is one example of sirtuins’ implication in skincare. It uses an ingredient complex that has been clinically tested to increase sirtuin activity, which enhances cellular function and communication so that cells function more efficiently. The sirtuin complex is an important part of the Straight A formulation – a formulation we launched 5 years ago.

Sirtuins emerge as potent allies in the pursuit of youthful skin, reflecting Maya Chia’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge science for transformative skincare experiences.


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