Creating the Highlight of The Day

(the two beautiful & talented bloggers above are wearing The Highlight of the Day – Britanie of BeautybyBritanie (in the Golden Hour and the Happy Hour) and Suzi of GurlGoneGreen (in the Happy Hour)

The Challenge

To create a natural “no makeup” makeup that’s actually good — no, amazing — for your skin. We did not want to cover up anything, but to let your skin show through. We like to think of it as a “no makeup” makeup – you but with a natural radiance. It’s also intended for people who don’t like to fuss too much with makeup — but works just as well for those who like to play. It took 76 iterations of this product to come up with the perfect formula that lasts and lasts.

How To Use 

When I first created and introduced the product, I thought The Highlight of the day would best be used over foundation to give a natural and glowing radiance to your skin. But since introducing the product, we’ve had such awesome feedback about the creative ways people use the product. Over foundation, under foundation, on the high points of their face, all over the face – the uses span the gamut.

Now let’s get to the good stuff, the ingredients. The serum is super lightweight and chock full of the world’s most nourishing botanicals. It also has a unique blend of micas. We were very meticulous in finding that perfect coloration. We had to create a formulation in which the the oils were fast-absorbing, left a dewy (but never greasy) finish, and importantly, left a rich, long-wearing mineral sheen.

Some of the star ingredients in The Highlight of the Day include:

+ Supercritical chia seed oil (but, of course), which is the most nutrient-dense botanical source — a true superfood with more omega fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals than any other plant source. How could we ever leave it out?
+ Brassica Oleracea seed oil or “Broccoli Seed Oil” is high in vitamin A and polyunsaturated fatty acids which gives it excellent absorption properties. These fatty acids are great for adding hydration and moisture to your skin. We also love that it has the performance/function of a silicone in makeup – without being synthetic!
+ Calendula flower extract is a skin conditioning agent that is anti-inflammatory and extremely soothing/calming to the skin. This makes it gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.
+ Helianthus Annuus or “sunflower seed oil” is highly effective in treatment of acne, eczema, inflammation, redness, and irritation of the skin. It is high in vitamin A, C, D and E.

Two wearable shades

The highlighters come in two highly adaptable, wearable shades which allows it to complement any skin tone.

+ The Happy Hour is a cool-toned pink radiance. Perfect for fair complexions, but is so lovely for olive-toned beauties as well. It can also double as a blush, which we love because it serves a dual purpose!
+ The Golden Hour is a warm and golden champagne-like radiance. Think of it as you, in a candlelight glow. So many people love adding this one to their foundation or tinted moisturizer for an all-over glow. Gorgeous times 10!

The name. It was my hope when we created The Highlight of the day illuminating serum that you would enjoy it so much that it would be a highlight to your day, or at least your makeup/skincare/selfcare routine. : )