Beauty Spotlight on Damaris Lewis

Damaris Lewis

Written by Emily Barth Isler

In a time when much of the beauty business is shrouded in filters and influence, we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on truth and transparency - and some visionary women who are changing the world. I’m so happy to share with you this new series I’m writing for Maya Chia, in collaboration with the creator of Maya Chia, Susanne, and her team.

What better way to do so than to share the lives, hopes, and accomplishments of some remarkable women, beautiful inside and out, who share their gifts with the world. (They also just so happen to be big fans of Maya Chia 😀)

It is apt that our first Beauty Spotlight will shine upon the already-radiant Damaris Lewis! Lewis is an actress, model, dancer, activist, and creative who is known for her roles most recently in series such as  the HBO Max/DC Universe show Titans, the FX channel series Pose and in Spike Lee's 2018 movie, BlacKkKlansman among others. A model who has appeared in magazines like Essence, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Self, Cosmopolitan, and GQ, as well as in campaigns for MAC Cosmetics, L’Oréal, Black/Up, and Yves Saint Laurent among many others. What you may not know about Damaris is that she has been an activist - and one for years. Damaris has quietly volunteered and advocated behind the scenes with Project Sunshine, The Garden of Dreams, and  Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Damaris is also an entrepreneur in her own right. In 2019, she founded Siram Wellness. “Siram is an experience that began out of the realization that “wellness” was beginning to look like something instead of feel like something. Siram, meaning to water or flush out, was created to clear the noise of comparison, for all great healing begins within.”

I had the honor of interviewing Ms. Lewis for this blog series, and was delighted by her thoughtful, often poetic answers. 

Maya Chia Beauty: What is one thing you do every day?

Damaris Lewis: One thing I do everyday is take a moment to listen to my mind. No matter how loud it may be. I call it brain surfing. Think of a Swan pruning it's feathers everyday to shed what is no longer needed for the next adventure. 

MCB: What is your favorite skin product you can't like without?

DL: Water. 

MCB:  What is your favorite Maya Chia product and why?

DL: MY FAVORITE MAYA CHIA PRODUCT IS THE WONDER BALM. Yes, I had to write that in all caps. The wonder balm takes my skin to a tropical island every single time I put it on. It's one of the few products I try my best to not use up quickly even though one day I will probably have a wonder balm room in my house so that I never run out. 

MCB: Why did you create Siram Wellness and what do you think is the most important thing people can do to improve their overall wellness?

DL: I created Siram Wellness because it's time we start distancing ourselves from our unhealthy attachments. (Even though I am clearly attached to the wonder balm). Our mind is our home, and I love helping people ask their mind interior design questions in the form of writing so that they can face the muck and come out a little shinier. 

MCB: How do you hope to change the world? 

DL: The most effective way of changing the world is by working on myself. This is something I do every single day. Even this interview is changing the world in some way. When you feel good, the world feels a little better, too. 

MCB: What is something you're really proud of?

DL: Something I am really proud of is being the child of immigrants. My parents are from another land. Though I have had to heal from many old lessons stuck in my mind, I hold the deepest gratitude to anyone looking for a better tomorrow. Anyone who has the bravery to move their feet towards the unknown and produce flowers. No matter how contaminated the soil. 

MCB: Where would you go if you could travel somewhere right now, all expenses paid?

DL: If I could go somewhere right now, in this very moment, I'd go to the sky, the very second before the Northern Lights form, so that I can be a part of them that night.  

If you, as we were, are moved and inspired by Damaris Lewis’ gorgeous words and unique point of view, you will similarly love her blog and Siram Wellness. The website includes her absolutely stunning photography-- in the same way that Lewis is beautiful both inside and out, she is adept at creating beauty both behind and in front of the camera. We are so honored to share her words-- and a big love for the Waterless Wonder Balm-- with our Maya Chia family. 

Who inspires you? What women in your life, or in your social media, reading list, or news feed, makes you feel like the world can’t possibly be so dark and scary because she’s in it? Tell us in the comments or send us a message! We want to feature more women like Damaris, like your role models, like YOU!