Astaxanthin For Skin: Benefits and Tips for Astaxanthin Usage

For the people that know our brand, it is not surprising that we are major fans of the ingredient Astaxanthin. This is a powerhouse ingredient that has been known – and loved/respected – for years in the supplement world, but only recently has this ingredient taken root in skincare.

 It All Goes Back to the Science

Astaxanthin has shown amazing clinical results demonstrating its ability to fight free radicals. One clinical quotes natural astaxanthin as being 65x stronger than Vitamin C in combating free radicals. And yet another equally credible clinical study quotes astaxanthin as being 6,000x stronger than vitamin C in combating free radicals, 550x stronger than green tea catechins and 75x stronger than alpha lipoic acid (from clinical research by Nishida Y./2007).

Clinical studies of astaxanthin have shown how it can neutralize multiple free radicals at once, protecting your skin and body from oxidation, damage and inflammation. Astaxanthin has also been proven to increase blood flow, meaning that it will help your skin to have better circulation. Increased circulation has various benefits, including increased cell turnover, amplified elasticity, and increased water retention. The results are more than impressive – they are game-changing.

 Astaxanthin for Skin

For years, enthusiasts in the supplement world recognized the power of astaxanthin. But it’s only recently that astaxanthin started to be used topically in the skincare industry. When Maya Chia first introduced natural astaxanthin two years ago into the clean beauty space we were discouraged by marketers and chemists alike. They said the product would be too dark of a pink coral color. They said customers were more used to a golden color oil, and wouldn’t like to apply something that was a coral color to their skin. But we didn’t listen, because we knew that we had science on our side and people would see results. What’s interesting is that one of the unforeseen collateral benefits was that consumers ended up loving the pink/coral color and the immediate way this natural coloration lent vitality to their skin. People now call that ‘the Maya Chia glow’. And it’s all in large measure to the powerhouse ingredient, Astaxanthin.

 What's the right amount?

Many experts suggest taking astaxanthin as a supplement in a 2mg dosage, along with topical use of the product. But we are skincare experts, not physicians, so we always suggest that you check with your personal care physician before incorporating any supplement as part of your regimen.

Astaxanthin is currently in three high-performance products in our line, including the: 








Using Our Products

We recommend applying the Super Couple face oil at night and in the daytime, the Super Blend at night either on its own or paired with the Super Couple, and the Eye Achiever, fast-absorbing eye serum both in the morning and at night. You can recognize all of our products which have astaxanthin as they bear a gold flower on the label — and that’s because we believe an ingredient this good deserves nothing less than a gold star or in this case, a gold flower.