6 Unique Skincare Ingredients That Set The Super Blend Apart

Super Blend

In this digital era, it’s easy to see all of the skincare products in the world running together. We like to differentiate our line by using ingredients backed by real, credible science. Maya Chia products use only the highest quality skincare ingredients and the proof is in the results! These potent plant oils, extracts, and essences are carefully selected to give you your best complexion yet and it’s no wonder. We’ve known for many years now that plant ingredients can be transformative, but it’s only in recent years that luxury natural beauty brands are showing up with products that deliver the high-performance results we’re after.

So, what makes the Super Blend unique? Put simply, its superior ingredients. The potent plant formula includes top notch extracts, oils and essences to help treat everything. 

In fact, this Super Blend is a uniquely made “pressed serum” (or balm) that works to overturn free radical damage, restore skin hydration and prevent moisture loss in the skin, reignite skin elasticity and firmness, brighten complexion, increase collagen production, and so much more.

What the Super Blend Does:

+ Improve the appearance of skin elasticity and firmness
+ Encourage collagen production
+ Create the look of a more even skin tone
+ Fight off free radical damage, restore existing damage, AND protect against future damage
+ Brighten and tone complexion
+ Firm and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
+ Hydrate skin and reduce moisture loss
+ Reduce oxidative stress and prevent premature aging
+ Minimize pores and the list goes on!

The Super Blend can address these skin concerns with a little help from these trusted ingredients:

Supercritical Chia

Supercritical chia is largely considered a superfood and for good reason! It’s incredibly nutrient dense meaning it lends your skin the vitamins and minerals it desperately needs. Moreover, supercritical chia seed oil has been shown to massively increase skin hydration, reduce trans-epidermal water loss (no more dull, dry skin), and increase the skin’s barrier function so it stays hydrated.

Natural Astaxanthin

Natural astaxanthin comes from a microalgae plant. It’s actually what makes flamingos pink (who knew?) and can also help your skin reach new heights by brightening, repairing, and encouraging collagen production. Astaxanthin is 65 times stronger than vitamin C and 14 times stronger than vitamin E at combatting free radical damage (those pesky elements which ages our skin!). The astaxanthin also helps amplify the antioxidant power of vitamin C in the Super Blend formula which is brilliant for skin brightening, increasing cell regeneration, and aiding in the overall clarity of our complexions.

Vitamin C Ester

Now Vitamin C Ester may not be a novel ingredient on its own, but in this formula it takes on a whole new significance. Many of us love Vitamin C for its brightening effects – and in this formula it does this and more. In fact, studies have found astaxanthin enhances the antioxidant actions of Vitamin C. So in the Super Blend your Vitamin C acts even more of a powerhouse. And yet, with all of Maya Chia’s products, even though the formula is super effective – it is also super gentle on the skin due to the deeply nourishing and soothing oils and exotic butter blends used as part of the formula.

Sweet White Lupin

Sweet white lupin seeds revamp your skin’s strength to firm and smooth the skin. In an invivo study, sweet white lupin seeds were shown to improve the firmness for over 90% of participants and reduce sagging in the facial contours for over 70% of participants! So, not only does this ingredient help to firm and smooth your skin, but it actually helps your skin do so more efficiently!

CoEnzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 has been known for many years now and is becoming more widely used in skincare formulations for its efficacy at neutralizing free radical damage. On top of that, CoQ10 can also reduce the depth of wrinkles and fine lines, thereby minimizing their appearance and smoothing your skin.

Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline

Don’t freak out about this one! I know Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline sounds like a long chemical-sounding name, but it’s a science-y term for something simple: collagen amino acids. It’s plant-derived and helps to moisturize and smooth out those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles. It firms skin tissue by stimulating your collagen fibers and protecting them from breakdown due to free radical damage.

Of course, the Super Blend formula has other incredible ingredients such as age-old ancient remedies including skin healing yarrow, soothing sage, strengthening horsetail, calming nettle, and many more. These plant essences are embraced by a loving blend of exotic plant butters and oils like babassu oil and kokum and shea butter. Lastly, the inclusion of cardamom, jasmine, rose geranium, vetiver, and neroli lends the Super Blend an amazing scent!

In sum, the Super Blend is truly a unique skincare experience that’s in a league all its own. Whether you’re seeking smoother, firmer, more radiant, or more efficiently hydrated skin, the Super Blend has your back!