Not all face and body oil is the same. Maya Chia uses a patented process to extract the oil called supercritical extraction. The gentle oxygen-free, solvent-free process results in oil with a total absence of chemical residues and impurities, and one that most closely mirrors the chemical profile of the plant. What that means for our customer is that they get the best, purest, most stable, effective, and potent chia oil in the market.

Just as there’s wild variation in the quality of wine, not all chia oil is created equal. There are many factors that go into making the perfect glass of wine, for example — such as the region where the grapes are grown, how the grapes are harvested, and how the wine is extracted from the grapes, the list goes on and on. Similarly, harvesting and processing chia oil to obtain the highest quality and maximum potency is extremely complex.

Our seeds originate from select regions reputed for growing the highest quality chia, and we’re meticulous about the growers with whom we work. Securing the highest quality chia seeds and supporting the growers who grow them is very important to us. Getting the organic certification can be highly cost prohibitive for many of the small growers we work with. Therefore, we made the conscious decision to work with the growers and not the companies issuing what can be considered costly certifications. Having said that, we know that by its very nature chia is an extremely hearty plant and that our growers do not use pesticides. As an added measure, we take the extra step to screen for pesticides.

product benefits

+ Chia oil leaves skin deeply moisturized and radiant, & reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

+ Lightweight, rapidly absorbs

+ The richest plant known plant source of omegas, antioxidants and mineralssupercritical-oil-styled

+ Chia oil far exceeds the antioxidant levels and omega fatty acids of other popular face & body oils.

+ The Nutritional Science Research Institute tested the nutritional value of chia seed and said it contains “the highest amount of antioxidants we have ever measured” and cited chia as one of the most powerful whole food antioxidants we know.

+ Chia oil is clinically proven to significantly increase skin
hydration, reduce trans-epidermal water loss and increase skin barrier function (study conducted by the Annals of Dermatology)

+ Our supercritical chia oil is of superior quality, using a gentle,
clean extraction process for maximum potency

+ Maya Chia uses a supercritical extraction method expressly created to ensure purity, stability, and maximum potency of the oil nutrients.

+ For all skin types, even the most sensitive.