The Science Behind The Power Fol Formulation

In a season of unprecedented stress, many of us are starting to see the negative effects it has on our bodies and we are coming to the realization that some preventative measures might need to be taken to nurture our minds and bodies. After developing award-winning skincare innovations over the past 6 years, we thought it was time to merge skincare and scalpcare – or what we like to call “scalp skincare.”

Susanne, creator and formulator behind Maya Chia, never had her eye on delving into the hair care sphere. After her own experiences of being unable to find a clean, efficacious product to combat her own hair thinning, she took to the idea of branching out of the skincare realm. Read more about why Susanne created Power Fol here

Certainly, with the stress of this last year, my practice has experienced a surge of patients who have been struggling with hair loss. They have sought my advice about how they can halt it and encourage new growth. This is why I was so excited to discover Power Fol. This new and clean formulation takes a comprehensive approach to address the appearance of fuller, denser, thicker hair. Power Fol contains active ingredients such as peptides, nutrient-dense botanicals, vitamins, and minerals, all of which have strong anti-inflammatory, anti-androgen and antioxidant properties. All these assets in an elegant, non-toxic, easy-to-apply formulation.”
Meryl Joerg, Clinical Professor in the Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City

We were very deliberate when we started formulating this product. We were maniacal about using the most advanced innovations in haircare, so you could see visible results. The formulation was expressly created not only to help reduce hair thinning appearance and help increase the look of hair density and fullness in the long-term, but to also show immediate volumizing benefits upon contact. We strategically chose ingredients that had a variety of modes of action aimed to target all the missing pieces in a comprehensive way. Before we get into what these ingredients are and how they work, let's first map out the important things to know about the hair follicle and the growth cycle.  

The Hair Growth Cycle

The hair growth cycle exists in three phases – Anagen, Catagen, Telogen – also referred to as Growing, Transitioning, Resting:

+ Anagen: Also called The Growing phase. This is the longest phase of the growth cycle. It lasts about 3 years and 85-90% of your hair is going through the Anagen phase at any given time.
+ Catagen: Known as The Transitioning phase. This is the shortest phase in the hair cycle, lasting about 3 weeks. In this phase, hair growth begins to slow and the hair releases from the follicle in preparation to be shed.
+ Telogen: Also referred to as The Resting phase. Hair begins to shed from the follicle and new hairs begin to grow from the same follicle, starting again in the Anagen phase. This phase lasts about 3 months, and combined with The Catagen phase makes up about 10-15% of your hair at any time.

The Formulation

 Our proprietary formulation comprises an all-star list of advanced, clinically-proven active ingredients, which target the scalp in a number of ways to encourage fuller hair appearance and extend the growth phase of the hair while helping to address hair thinning. While many of the ingredients we discuss today serve multiple purposes, for simplicity’s sake, we are going to categorize them by the primary need states they were designed to address: namely, The Appearance of Hair Thinning, Encouraging Hair Density and Fullness, and Overall Hair Wellness.

Preventing Hair Thinning

Let’s first talk about some of Power Fol’s ingredients that address hair thinning. The primary mode of action for these ingredients is through inhibiting DHT production by inhibiting 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. While these actives – Ginseng Extract, Saw Palmetto and Red Clover Flower – all inhibit 5 alpha reductase, they each have their own unique characteristics and study results to support them:

+ Red Clover Flower has been shown in studies to inhibit 5 alpha reductase by 64%, help decrease inflammation by decreasing cytokine production, and help create a stronger anchor for the hair follicle by increasing the production of the anchor proteins.
+ Saw Palmetto, also known as Serenoa Repens, has been studied in males with Androgenetic Alopecia and has been shown in studies to inhibit 5 alpha reductase – leading to the reduction of hair thinning with minimal side effects.
+ Ginseng Extract, “The root of life,” contains a group of compounds known as ginsenosides that studies have shown target the dermal papilla – the root of a hair follicle – in a number of ways to help decrease hair thinning while simultaneously helping promote hair density and fullness. Studies show ginsenosides actively work to inhibit DHT production and encourage hair density and fullness.

Encouraging Hair Density and Fullness

Now let’s touch on some of Power Fol’s actives which work to encourage the appearance of hair density and fullness via different and complementary modes of action. This group of powerhouse ingredients includes Multiple Peptides, Chinese Skullcap, Vegetable Collagen, and Caffeine:

+ Pea Peptides are a legume rich in proteins and have one of the highest concentrations of fiber and protein per gram. They have been studied for the ability to help encourage hair density and fullness. The Pea Peptides should also provide immediate visible lift to the hair in addition to adding long-term benefits.

A third-party study suggested that Pea Peptide Proteins helped to increase the production of vital genes responsible for signaling new hair growth – FGF7 and Noggin which showed a 56% and 85% increase, respectively.

+ Chinese Skullcap has been shown in studies to promote hair density and fullness by activating TERT expression, helping to promote dormant stem cells in the dermal papilla to enter the anagen hair growing phase sooner. In a study, 60.6% reduction in hair thinning was seen after 90 days of daily use.
+ Collagen, derived from a vegetable source, comprises several amino acids, some of which are also used by the body to create keratin, the protein that forms hair. It has antioxidant properties, and has been shown in studies to help fight free radicals in the body and help re-generate dormant hair follicles, which aids in the promotion of hair density and fullness and prevention of hair thinning.
+ Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 is a biomimetic peptide made up of 4 main amino acids that help to stimulate tissue regeneration. Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 has been shown in studies to help stimulate the dermal papilla proteins which directly affect the area surrounding hair follicles, helping to anchor the hair into the scalp. When combined with Red Clover Extract, the benefits can be accelerated helping to improve blood circulation to the roots and helping increase thickness and hair volume.
+ Research studies have shown Caffeine can provide energy to the cells to help stimulate new hair growth in the root of the hair follicle, increase the growth phase of a hair follicle and promote a longer hair shaft - all leading to the appearance of healthier, thicker hair.

Hair Wellness

Keeping your scalp and hair follicles healthy is essential for growing strong, nourished hair, which is why Power Fol incorporates ingredients that provide a wide array of benefits to the scalp and hair follicle. Just to name a few of these ingredients – Hydrolyzed Lupine Peptides, Ashwagandha, Fermented minerals, Astaxanthin, and of course, Chia Seed Oil.+

+ Hydrolyzed Lupine Peptides, the hydrolyzed protein from white lupine seeds, acts as an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and peptides that help to provide the essential nutrients needed to keep the scalp healthy.
+ The super nutrients in Power Fol are delivered in an ultra-lightweight Ashwagandha infusion base designed to be light enough to be worn on the scalp during the day or night. Ashwagandha extractis a plant used in Ayurveda for over 3,000 years. It has been proven in studies to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, by up to 30.5%. High stress levels are one of many reasons for hair thinning.
+ Fermented minerals such as Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and Copper. Minerals are not synthesized in the body, but play a key role in many of its functions including stronger, denser, healthier hair.
+ Astaxanthin is one of nature’s strongest antioxidants – 65x stronger than Vitamin C in combating free radicals. Therefore, it assists in preventing follicle-damaging oxidative stress.
+ Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant found in turmeric that has been studied for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to inhibit 5 alpha reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. In a third-party study, daily application of curcumin led to the appearance of denser and fuller hair.
+ Chia Seed Oil has been clinically proven to significantly increase skin hydration, reduce transepidermal water loss and increase the skin barrier function.

The Study

In a third-party study of participants using Power Fol Multi-Correctional Scalp and Hair Wellness Treatment for 8 weeks. 82% of the participants said this product improved their hair density, 73% noticed markedly less hair in their hair brush – as well 73% felt their hair looked fuller. While you may start to see results within a few weeks, as the study suggests, please note that results will be best seen after 90 days, with peak results at 120 days.*

*Results from an 8-week trial of 39 men and women using a daily application of an anhydrous Power Fol™ Advanced Multi-Correction Scalp and Hair Serum containing the identical active ingredient base blend as the aqueous version of the Serum. 

+These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**For source references, please email